Seed Investing to Boost Economic Opportunity and Climate Action

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Solving humanity’s biggest problems will build economic value. Profit and purpose can be a virtuous cycle.

  • Every company has an impact on society; Positive impact needs intentionality and focus

  • Tech-enabled companies can have significant impact at scale BUT Tech companies and impact investors largely live in different worlds

  • ​​Positive impact companies can provide superior financial returns

  • Avesta can bridge these worlds to harness the tech world toward positive impact

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What we look for

Scalable Solutions to Boost Economic Opportunity or Climate Action

  • Tech-enabled companies whose positive impact is aligned with their business

  • Areas of focus:

    • Opportunity: Education, Financial Inclusion, Future of Work, Health Access & Affordability, Housing, Entrepreneurship Development

    • Climate: Sustainable Agriculture, Energy Efficiency, Clean Energy, Carbon Sinks, Clean Manufacturing, Circular Economy, Green Buildings

  • Stage: Pre-seed or Seed; Typically raising $750K to $4M in the round

  • We prioritize (but are not limited to) diverse entrepreneurs


What we offer


Typical investments of $150K to $500K per company


Unique mix of experiences that help companies bridge both the VC and impact worlds


Best-practice based coaching to help founding teams optimize their impact, and align it with their business


Connections to our broad network of investors and partners interested in impact-oriented tech startups


Zoom for site visits: Immersive, remote collaboration


Live-streamed and on-demand STEM classes


Rural microgrids for distributed, resilient, renewable energy


Supporting physician independence in underserved communities


Align smart cities and micromobility operators


Switch home + water heating from gas to clean electricity


Virtual women's clinic


Interest-free credit line for underbanked gig workers


Cleaner, cheaper electricity



If You Lead With Impact, We Can Add VC/Tech Startup Expertise

If You Lead With Tech, We Can Add Impact Expertise

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Srikant Vasan

Managing Partner

  • LinkedIn

  • Partner, Impact Investing at Techstars

  • Philanthropic Investor at Bill & Melinda Gates foundation

  • Twice VC-backed founder/CEO: KBkids grew to $100M; StorePerform (now JDA) grew to $25M

  • Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Battery Ventures and Mobius VC

  • Founding President of Mount St Mary’s University Online 

Stuart Davidson

Venture Partner, IC Member

  • LinkedIn

  • Managing Partner at Labrador Ventures

  • Founder and Chairman at Sonen Capital

  • Investment Committee Member at Skoll Foundation, Impact Assets, and Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors

  • Founding Chairman Emeritus IDEO.org, Founding Board member of Acumen

  • Chairman d.Light, Vice Chair REDF, Advisory Board Member, GIIRS